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Working together to keep you safe from energy theft.

stayenergysafe is operated by Crimestoppers, who is working with the energy regulator OFGEM and energy companies, to track down and stop the meter cheaters who put lives like yours at risk in a misguided attempt to save money.

Energy theft is extremely dangerous and risks serious injuries to innocent people and major damage to property. The dangers and consequences of this criminal activity are too enormous to ignore. See real life stories of energy theft here.

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Electricity Theft

Gas Theft 

Please help all of us to stayenergysafe by reporting suspicions of energy theft 100% anonymously.

What to do

If you spot energy theft anywhere, report it anonymously now.

Call us: 0800 023 2777

Or report the crime via our online form:

Report Energy Crime Report energy theft now. It’s too dangerous to ignore

Report anonymously

Meter cheating means tampering with the meter so it doesn’t record how much electricity or gas is being used or trying to bypass the meter completely.

If you spot energy theft anywhere, report it anonymously now.