Who turns the gas cooker into a killer?

The dangers of gas: Know the risks

Meter cheating means tampering with the gas meter so it doesn’t record how much gas is being used or trying to bypass the gas meter completely.

This is gas theft and can lead to a fine or prison sentence. Interfering with something as explosive and inflammable as natural gas is a very big risk. If you suspect gas theft anywhere report it anonymously.

This is not a victimless crime.

Lethal leaks and house fires

Damaging the gas supply risks dangerous leaks. As gas fumes build up in a room it displaces the air causing headaches and even loss of consciousness.

Leaking gas is also highly flammable and can be easily ignited – flicking a light switch is all it takes to cause an explosive fireball risking terrible injuries.

Catastrophic explosions

If large amounts of gas escape from a tampered meter it can build up in the air throughout the house. The whole building is now ready to explode with all the power and devastating force of a bomb.

What to spot

Tampering with gas meters to save money is extremely dangerous. It may cause leaks which you can smell, but not always. It may cause the gas flames on the hob or gas fire to change size or burn more yellow than blue and you may notice pilot lights often going out. But sometimes there are no signs at all until the build up of gas in the air explodes, putting you and your family in real danger. Gas meter cheating can take many forms, even smart meters can be unsafe if tampered with. Sometimes it can be hard to tell but here are some clues to look out for around your meter. If you spot any of these signs, report them 100% anonymously.

Back to front

The meter has been turned around the wrong way so you can’t see the normal dials

Smell of gas

A smell of gas near the meter box

Rubber piping

Where pipes should be there are bits of rubber tubing instead

Dial has disappeared

There is no visible dial or counter on the meter any more

Working but no credit

Meter shows credit has run out but gas is still available

Meter dials not moving

Dials on the meter aren’t going around even when gas is being used

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.