Energy meters – both gas and electricity meters – are devices that measure the amount of energy – such as gas and electricity – used within a property, such as a residential or commercial building.

Normally each meter is linked to one customer account, which usually means that each household or business has its own gas and electricity meters.

The unit of measurement for both gas and electricity meters is kilowatt hours (kWh). Although it is quite uncommon, some older gas meters use imperial measurements which are cubic feet (shown as ft3).

Energy companies usually advise their customers to take regular meter readings so that bills are as accurate as possible.

Smart meters are a new type of meter that are being introduced in properties to replace older gas and electricity meters. Smart meters have displays that show the amount of gas or electricity being used within a property in real-time. This means customers can see how much it costs to use a particular appliance at any point in time. Energy companies in the UK have been directed to complete the smart meter roll-out to their customers by 2020.

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