How to not get caught stealing electricity

How would you feel if your landlord searched the phrase, “How to not get caught stealing electricity”? What if the owner of the takeaway restaurant down the road was doing the same? What this really means is they are willing to risk your safety to save money on their bills.

It’s happening all around you. Last month alone, the phrase was searched over 300 times online – potentially meaning over 3,600 cases of electricity theft per year. Reporting each of these cases could save innocent lives.

The carwash owner that got caught

The electric shower was not properly grounded which resulted in the employee's death

A carwash owner in London’s carelessness cost an innocent employee his life when he was electrocuted in the shower. Shaip Nimani had bypassed the electricity meter to avoid paying his bills – and it ultimately ended in tragedy.

The “free” electricity in this case ended up costing him £40,000 in fines and a 4-year prison sentence for manslaughter.

If your boss searched the phrase “how not to get caught stealing electricity”, wouldn’t you want to do something about it?

The landlord that got caught

Free electricity in flats

A London landlord fitted 22 illegal meters into his properties to offer free electricity to his tenants.

He was caught when a meter was found on the verge of catching fire. Even though this was meant as a gesture to help with the cost of the bills to his tenants, he was naïve to the huge danger he put them in.

The landlord was forced to pay back £90,000 worth of stolen electricity and serve a 9-month jail sentence. If your landlord offered you free electricity, wouldn’t you think that was too good to be true?

Cutting corners costs lives

burnt-meterAnyone trying to find out how to not get caught stealing electricity is playing a dangerous game. Tampering puts you at risk of electric shocks from your light switches, kettle or other appliances. It can even cause sparks and electrical fires when the wires get too hot. Meter cheating isn’t about saving money on bills, it’s about risking innocent people’s lives.

At the end of the day, the best way to not get caught stealing electricity is by not stealing it in the first place. And if you think you’re being taken advantage of by your employer or landlord, you should report your suspicions now.

No one should feel unsafe at work or in their own home. You can report your suspicions anonymously, by phone or online. Every report helps to make your community safer for everyone.

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.