How to report energy theft anonymously

Stayenergysafe is a completely independent service, run on behalf of the energy industry by Crimestoppers Trust, an independent charity that gives you the power to speak up to stop crime, 100% anonymously.

Crimestoppers will keep you safe from crime. Whoever you are, wherever you live, from communities to companies. By phone and online, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Crimestoppers also shares advice on how to protect the people you care about from crime, so everyone can feel safe.

Stayenergysafe – a truly anonymous reporting service. 

After receiving your call or a completed anonymous online form, we create a report that brings together all the information you gave us, making sure it doesn’t contain any information that could identify you. We don’t use software to remember your computer information or location, unlike many websites, so you truly cannot be traced in any way.

Your energy theft report is sent to the industry body with the legal responsibility to investigate meter tampering and energy thefts, and in turn, they will contact the police to make arrests and charge people, in order to bring them to justice. Find out more with what we do with your information here on the Crimestoppers website.


Crimestoppers’ research confirms that nearly a fifth of the public have known about a crime, but chose not to talk to the police (according to insights drawn from various research projects commissioned by Crimestoppers, 2015-17).

Some of the reasons for people not speaking out include:

  • I do not want to talk to the police
  • I need to report someone I know
  • I am worried that others will know if I speak out
  • I am not sure if what I know will help
  • I do not want to get involved with courts

Impact and influence

Hundreds of thousands of people contact Crimestoppers every year. In 2017, more than 2,500 reports were made directly to Crimestoppers and the stayenergysafe reporting line, and have resulted in hundreds of criminals being forced to repay the money they have stolen.

Every time a tampered meter is reported, experienced professionals will make the property safe, ensuring there is no risk to your family, property, and your home itself.

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.