Is my neighbour tampering with my gas meter?

Have you ever had a massive price hike on your gas bills out of nowhere? Or maybe you’ve spotted someone acting suspiciously around your local gas mains? It could be that a neighbour is messing with your shared gas meter – and it’s more common than you’d think.

Most people know that stealing gas is a crime. But do you know how much it costs you directly? Gas theft costs taxpayers millions every year – which means around £20 extra on every household bill per year.

Why should someone get away with not only costing you money, but also putting lives at risk?

How do I know if someone is tampering with a gas meter?

spotting energy theft

Maybe you’ve noticed someone acting suspiciously around the gas meter in your shared building, or maybe your gas bills have dramatically increased since a new neighbour moved in. These could be tell-tale signs of energy theft.

You should anonymously report any suspicious behaviour you notice, big or small, through the stayenergysafe service.

Energy theft not only costs you money, but it can also be extremely dangerous. Tampering with gas meters increases the risk of gas leaks and explosions. Criminals who think they can get away with stealing gas are putting people’s lives at risk.

Gas theft is a crime and needs to be reported as soon as it’s spotted.

What happens when I report someone for stealing gas?

You can submit a report anonymously at any time – either online or by phone. No personal details are taken from you unless you choose to provide them.

reporting on a mobile phone

When you submit online, there is a report form to fill out. You need to provide the name and the address of the suspected gas thief, and to give details about the potential crime being committed.

Your report then goes to Crimestoppers, who submit it to the gas company, 100% anonymously.

The gas company will investigate the claim and involve the police in cases where a crime has been committed. Your anonymity is guaranteed at every single stage of the process so you can safely report anything that doesn’t seem right.

By reporting suspicious activity, you not only avoid being charged extra on your energy bills, but you could also be saving lives.

Can you go to jail for stealing gas?

Yes – that is definitely true! Criminals who try to steal gas can face up to 5 years in prison and up to £2,000 in fines.

Of course, there’s more than just the risk of getting caught. Some criminals have suffered devastating damage to their property as a result of gas meter tampering – and in some cases it has even cost innocent lives. You can read more terrifying real life stories here.

Tampering with a gas meter is a crime and the consequences can be life-changing. You can help stop this crime and protect yourself by reporting anything suspicious.

You can 100% anonymously report any suspicions to stayenergysafe online or by calling 0800 023 2777.

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.