Spotting the signs of electricity theft

Electricity theft is all around you. In homes, businesses and communities all around the country, criminals are putting innocent and vulnerable people at risk.

You can read all the key facts about electricity theft on this page of the stayenergysafe website.

Here are the signs of electricity meter tampering that you should look for:

On your electricity meter

  • Meter - signs of electricity theftNumbers not visible
  • Numbers running backwards
  • Numbers not moving
  • Loose wires or unusual wiring
  • Burn or scorch marks
  • Sparks

In your home

  • Home - signs of electricity theftSparks from sockets and switches
  • Electric shocks from appliances
  • Electric shocks from taps, the bath or shower
  • Meters locked away
  • If you are a landlord, you should be suspicious if your tenants won’t give you access to the meters

Danger zones

  • Danger - signs of electricity theftIf you smell smoke, see fire, hear an explosion, or if the meter is consistently sparking or smoking, don’t hesitate. Call 999 immediately an ask for the fire service.
  • You should also report this to your energy company immediately if you know who they are. You can find a list of energy companies here.

In your community

  • Community - signs of electricity theftPeople boasting about saving money on electricity bills
  • Sparks or electric shocks from metal surfaces, counters, doors and light switches, for example in a community building, hall, takeaway or pub
  • Employers that lock the meter cupboard or refuse access to meters
  • Loose wires, unusual, or damaged meters in community and public buildings
  • Tradespeople offering to help you save money on your electricity bill.

If you spot just one of the signs of electricity theft listed above, report this anonymously to stayenergysafe. You can find out more about how we keep your identity safe by clicking here.

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.