What happens when I speak up about energy theft?

When you send information about energy theft or meter tampering to Stay Energy Safe, you could be saving lives. Whether you contact us by phone or through the website, you could be providing vital information that might prevent a tragedy.

If you have questions about the process, read on to find out exactly what happens when you speak up.


Contacting us by telephone

Our Contact Centre is open 24/7, 365 days a year so that you can talk to us whenever it is safe and convenient for you.

When you call the Stay Energy Safe hotline on 0800 023 2777, you will speak to a member of our trained Contact Centre team.

They will not ask you for any personal information. Instead, they will ask questions to find out if the situation you’re reporting might have any immediate threat to life – if so, they will redirect your call to the relevant emergency team within the energy sector.

Report energy theft. Speak up. If not, they will ask you to share details about the suspected crime.It is completely up to you how much information you would like to share. You will not need to reveal your identity or connection to the suspected theft at any point.

Our team is trained to ask the right questions to make sure they get a full picture of the situation. When the right information is passed on, it can make all the difference to an investigation.

Telling us what you know can help make you, and those around you, safer whilst at home, at work or even whilst generally out and about in the community.


Contacting us via the website

You can submit information to us on the Stay Energy Safe website too. All you need to do is fill in your answers to each of the questions on the web form.

The form will ask questions about:

  • The address where the energy theft is taking place
  • Whether it’s a business or residential property
  • Names and details of the suspected individuals involved
  • Whether it’s gas or electricity theft, or both
  • Any details about how the theft itself is being committed
  • How you heard about the Stay Energy Safe service and whether you want to share your contact details with us. Please remember, you do not have to provide any contact details and can choose to remain 100% anonymous. (We don’t track your IP address or use any cookies which store personal data)

You don’t have to answer all of these questions, but the more information you can provide will improve our understanding of the situation. Just tell us what you know.  Every piece of information is important and can help keep people safe.

The information supplied in the form will enable us to pass your concerns on to the relevant energy company who will carry out the necessary investigations and responses.


What happens to the information I give?

Once you’ve confided in us, we check the information to ensure there is nothing within it that can reveal your identity (unless you have given us permission to share your details) and that only the relevant details are included.

This is passed on to our energy partners for investigation purposes so they can work to secure a safe outcome where genuine energy theft is taking place.


Energy theft. Speak up. Stay safe.

Don’t hesitate to speak up if you think you have information about energy theft. Your report could keep family, friends and communities safe from the dangerous consequences of this crime, such as fires, electrocution and explosions.

Find out more about the risks of gas and electricity theft on our website, or share your concerns about potential energy theft here.

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.