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Free Electricity?

A landlord offers free electricity to his tenants – meter is found on the verge of catching fire

A London landlord was ordered to repay more than £90,000 in stolen electricity that he had passed on to his tenants, risking their personal safety in the process – and sentenced to nine months in jail for his crime.

London flatsThe divorced father-of-two was able to make the lump sum payment from a large amount of cash savings found by police in his house. He was saved from a longer sentence of up to five years because he has no previous convictions and made no personal financial gain from the crime. This particular landlord passed on all the savings to his tenants – but unwittingly put them at huge personal risk.

The landlord, based in north London, owns 22 properties that had been fitted with illegal meters, and many of which are flats with adjoining properties that were also at risk. Bypassing meters put his tenants and their neighbours – including young families – at risk of personal injury or even death. They had a very lucky escape this time.

This is unfortunately a very typical example – and stayenergysafe urges anyone living in rented accommodation to make certain that they know their meters are correctly fitted, so that they do not put their own families at risk.

Energy theft can be extremely dangerous and costs lives. If you suspect it anywhere, report it to stayenergysafe completely anonymously.

Source: The Tottenham Independent

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Report anonymously

Meter cheating means tampering with the meter so it doesn’t record how much electricity or gas is being used or trying to bypass the meter completely.

If you spot energy theft anywhere, report it anonymously now.