Happy Birthday stayenergysafe


We’re celebrating a year since the stayenergysafe service launched!

Happy birthday stayenergysafeThe service has helped people who have feared for their own safety, and the safety of the people around them. In just a year, stayenergysafe has supported almost 2,000 individuals to come forward with information.

Just a single report could help save a number of people to stay safe. One busy restaurant was found to have bypassed its energy meters with sub-standard wiring. If it hadn’t been discovered, there could have been catastrophic consequences for its unsuspecting customers.

Crimestoppers are proud to run the stayenergysafe service. Watch Dominic O’Reilly, Head of Communications and Marketing for Crimestoppers, speak about the service:

Roger Critchell, Director of Operations for Crimestoppers, said:

stayenergysafe anniversary“The information we have received over the year has been pretty consistent, and this helps us to keep communities safe, because as we know, energy theft and meter tampering can lead to devastating outcomes.

“So to those who have been brave enough to provide us with information, I’d like to say thank you. And to those who might have information on energy crime, I’d reiterate that we are here for you and will handle your communication sensitively.”

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stayenergysafestayenergysafe is a first of its kind anonymous reporting service, which gives communities across the UK a dedicated phone number and website to anonymously give information about suspicions of energy theft.

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.