Keeping communities safe from energy theft


Energy theft is all around you.

Landlords, well-meaning relatives, neighbours and business owners up and down the country are cheating people just like you, putting you and your family in danger, in order to save money.

Energy theft is dangerous

Every year, properties are damaged or destroyed, people sustain injuries such as shocks and burns – and in the worst cases, people die.

The Stay Energy Safe team work around the clock to help keep your community safe from the dangers of energy theft, and they’ve been doing this now for more than five years.

We’ve promoted the service across the country, and as a result, more and more of you
are coming forward with vital information. This means that engineers are able to identify risks, organise visits, and make dangerous meters and properties safe.

Our contact centre, run by the national charity Crimestoppers, now receives over 500 anonymous reports of energy theft, every single month.

By speaking up about this crime, you can help us to keep people safe from the potential consequences of energy theft.

Read more about the dangers of electricity theft or gas theft.

Energy theft is a serious crime

We wanted to know what you, the real consumers, think of energy theft and our Stay Energy Safe service. So, in March 2020, we spoke to people in London and Manchester to get their honest opinions.
We found out that you wanted us to tell you more about three main things:

  1. how to spot energy theft
  2. what signs to look out for
  3. the different ways you can report the crime

Changes we have made

To make it even easier for you to access this information, we have updated our website.

Check out our new gas and electricity pages, where you can find information about all the different warning signs of a tampered meter.

We’ve also created a new video to help show the huge impact and seriousness of this crime.


We hope these changes make it easier for people to spot the signs of energy theft.

It’s hugely important that anyone who knows about a tampered meter understands just how devastating the consequences can be, and how easy it is to make a report to Stay Energy Safe.

How you can help

Energy theft is a serious crime.

Make sure you are able to act quickly if you become aware of anyone tampering with their meter, and keep your community safe.

Report your suspicions 24/7 to Stay Energy Safe by phone on 0800 023 2777 or online, 100% anonymously.

Report anonymously

If you spot energy theft anywhere, speak up anonymously now.