Energy theft news
Energy theft news

Meter tampering newsagent jailed for risking lives

Be alert to danger Report energy crime. Call 0800 023 2777
Be alert to danger Report energy crime. Call 0800 023 2777

The owner of a well-known newsagent has been sentenced to 3 months in prison for stealing energy.

With a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison, energy theft is a serious crime. This case from the UKRPA is yet another example of an energy thief being brought to justice.

Immediate prison sentence

Mr Sethi appeared in Hull Crown Court for sentencing

Image source: Hull Daily Mail

Mr Kumar Sethi was found guilty of tampering with his energy supply after a court case at Hull Crown Court. Despite having no previous convictions, he was sent immediately to prison following his sentencing.

The method of stealing involved installing a switch which allowed Mr Sethi to shift his usage from a direct to mains supply. It allowed him to avoid paying fairly for the energy he used, while also putting unsuspecting customers at risk.

Despite his attempts to cover his tracks, investigation officers from a major energy company provided photographic evidence of his theft and Mr Sethi was charged anyway.

Crime doesn’t pay

Criminal in jailHe is now paying a hefty price for his deception – a prison sentence and a criminal record to last a lifetime.

The quick action of the investigation officers meant that fewer lives are now at risk and the local community is safer and better off.

Reporting to the stayenergysafe service allows officers to act on any suspicious activity and bring criminals to justice.

Don’t wait to speak out if you think there might be tampering going on – it’s not worth the risk. Your reports to stayenergysafe remain 100% anonymous from start to finish and could help to prevent potential tragedies.

Source: UKRPA

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Report anonymously

Meter cheating means tampering with the meter so it doesn’t record how much electricity or gas is being used or trying to bypass the meter completely.

If you spot energy theft anywhere, report it anonymously now.