Energy theft news
Energy theft news

Quiz: The facts about energy theft

Be alert to danger Report energy crime. Call 0800 023 2777
Be alert to danger Report energy crime. Call 0800 023 2777

Do you know the truth behind energy theft? Take our quiz and find out how much you really know.

Did you know as much as you thought you did? If any of those facts surprised you, check out our resources page for more advice on how to spot the signs and how to report energy theft when you see it. You can also read real life stories to see the effects of energy theft on real people.

Don’t let yourself be a victim of energy theft. Report any suspicions to stayenergysafe today, 100% anonymously.

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Local energy theft case

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Report anonymously

Meter cheating means tampering with the meter so it doesn’t record how much electricity or gas is being used or trying to bypass the meter completely.

If you spot energy theft anywhere, report it anonymously now.