Shop horror! Screwdriver in meter endangers lives


A shop in Huddersfield has had its licence revoked after police made some alarming discoveries.

A screwdriver jammed into a dangerously damaged electricity meter, large kitchen knives under the counter and a dismantled car in the cellar were among the troubling sights police encountered.

A reckless, stupid act

Richard Woodhead from West Yorkshire Police licencing said in a statement:

Shop in Colne Road had screwdriver in meter

“The owner of the shop has been found to have been tampering with the electricity supply within the shop.

“This is not only a criminal act but is a reckless, stupid act as it put the owners, staff, customer and the people of Kirklees at risk of death or serious injury.

“Large catering knives have been found behind the counter, and the shop does not cater, the knives were not for sale but appear to be there for the protection of the staff.”

£1000 of stolen electricity

Woodhead also pointed out that their actions put many lives at risk, with a preschool and university halls of residence very nearby.

There was an estimated £1000 worth of electricity stolen at the shop over the last 6 months.

These criminals endangered customers and local residents during these months in order to save money on their energy bills.

Their selfish actions were not only illegal but also extremely dangerous and could have resulted in someone getting seriously hurt. Meter tampering can cause fires – you can read the true story of the electrical fire which caused the death of an elderly woman here.

Don’t let true crime go unreported

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